The Tuck & Roll

Because sometimes the unfinished look just works. Yes, the turtleneck is our friend! Utilizing it for this undone and cozy look is perfect for the windy and frigid January we’ve been having in… Continue reading

One Up

If there is one thing you MUST know about me, you need to know how much of an avid advocate I am for the jumpsuit, as much as I am for clean minimalism.… Continue reading

The New Work Out Plan

Working out never looked so chic. A testament to the trickle-up effect, activewear is maintaining its moment in fashion, and recently launched NET-A-SPORTER is the premier venue to indulge style on a different… Continue reading

All Over It

D. Wade has been getting some heat about one of his recent outfit choices. Personally, I quite like it – he cleaned up his look with a button-down tee and cuffed hems vs… Continue reading

Google Doodle

I have learnt how to live…how to be in the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch Audrey Hepburn x Google. Another pink moment, this time in… Continue reading

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy

Pharrell + Paris + personal curation … enough said Source: WWD

Little Black Books

Because there’s something substantive in the tangible, despite our world of gizmos and gadgetry, I am uber geeked that this sketchbook-meets-dictionary-meets-diary exists (late to the party, I know). Being an advocate for writing… Continue reading

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Personally far from a fan of actually wearing this color, I thought how apropos it would be this Wednesday to honor Mean Girls’ 10 year anniversary. For both spring and fall 2014, thinking… Continue reading


Contrasting the usual bright and pastels in a season of new beginnings, there’s a shift of reverence to deconstruction. Less ostentatious and more authentic, exposure of worn layers of deep-rooted grace are the… Continue reading

GILD the Lily

Prevailing for it’s alluring candor, an elevation to modern minimalism braves new depths to improve this ideal. Muted hues are given an updated profundity through the use of surface interest and fabric mixing/layering… Continue reading